What is CRM?

Sales support

From a paper notebook to a sales system

Being successful in global competition means offering your customers a substantial competitive advantage. Therefore it is necessary to remember the key role of the customer and systems which will help find out their desires and needs. Tools for sales support and provision of better service to customers have been continuously developing for tens of years. You will certainly remember salesmen with a briefcase and thick notebook in which they wrote down information on customers and their orders. One could say: primitive but effective, but practically unusable with the growing number of customers. The salesman had to copy all orders and changes to information manually, and virtually all important information got lost together with his paper notebook or with his departure from the company. The onset of digitalization when records from sales travel and telephone orders were entered into the computer manually did not result in great improvement either. There was still no feedback, and search for records for the potential customer service or any future interaction with the customer was extremely demanding, if not impossible.

Change in communication with customers

The availability of electronic communication in the form of e-mail and later also various Internet communicators to the general public has caused a complete change in the style of communication with customers. All of a sudden, there were fully electronic communication channels, with a record of the communication and the possibility of further processing of its contents. Therefore it was necessary to start building information systems which could be used by businesses not only for keeping customer information but also for mutual communication and sharing of information within the sales team.

CRM is an early stage of sales systems

In CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, businesses acquired a tool for monitoring individual business cases including all links to orders or feedback received from customers. The data can be shared within a sales team as well as with the marketing department, but we are still speaking about a basically passive tool which waits for inputs from the sales, call center or marketing. The power of support of sales by CRM systems proportionally increases with integrations with other systems and subsequent sharing of the data.

Real-time CRM

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How to choose a CRM?

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