Assemble your CRM to your needs


Expand the system for new integrations


Use just what you really need


Gentle learning curve. Up-and-running in a moment


Pay just as much as necessary


Today’s trends from the point of view of experienced team

Custom Solutions

A common huge corporate CRM solution offers its users similar or the very same features and integrations as our app. But is it really necessary to pay more for a monstrous load of features which you wouldn’t ever use? What if you’d find out that the one integration you need is missing from a long list of those which are supported?

One of the many reasons of compact Sprinx CRM is that it grows from a powerful but simple solution to the complexity that your business requires. Sprinx CRM is user friendly and you and your employees will appreciate its gentle learning curve. Use the tools you need for your daily tasks. We tailor our CRM to your liking!

If you’re interested in custom solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We're able to offer you a wide range of various customizations. SprinxCRM can be connected virtually with all corporate systems.

money S3 Vario Microsoft Dynamics SAP Dropbox Google Drive OneDrive Facebook LinkedIn Exchange Gmail Yahoo Seznam
  • Option to interconnect with corporate systems - Money S3, Pohoda, Vario, Navision, SAP
  • Internet document depository - Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
  • Social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Emails - Exchange and others email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Seznam)