• Mar 23 2018

    Real-time CRM

    Does your business accelerate and do you need to make decisions in real time? Then you can’t do without continuous supply of information about your sales performance. We became easily accustomed to real-time collaboration – we send messages through messengers and we can immediately see if our colleagues have read them...

  • Feb 22 2018

    CRM in business world

    If we could say with a certainty a few year ago that a company without a website cannot succeed the same applies today to CRM systems. But be careful, a CRM system in itself is not a miraculous cure for declining or stagnating sales. Nevertheless, it is an increasingly important tool for supporting a well set-up sales methodology....

  • Feb 21 2018

    How to choose a CRM?

    If you want your CRM to fulfill its role in the support of the sales team and to help you increase the sales and profit you have to prepare the company well for its deployment. Then you can start looking for a suitable solution and the supplier. Which questions should you answer in advance? What is your company’s situation? How much will your CRM s...

  • Feb 20 2018

    What is CRM?

    Being successful in global competition means offering your customers a substantial competitive advantage. Therefore it is necessary to remember the key role of the customer and systems which will help find out their desires and needs. Tools for sales support and provision of better service to customers have been continuously developing...