How to manage your daily tasks, records, TO-DOs and more...

One of the essential features of our application is activities management. We plan and record all activity and events. In the end, they’ll turn into an information trail of our business-related activities.

At the beginning, there are 11 default types of activities.

Tip: You can set up additional activities in Settings.

Activity Types

  • Appointment - Internal
  • Appointment
  • Incoming Call
  • Incoming Email
  • Incoming IM
  • Note
  • Outgoing Call
  • Outgoing Email
  • Outgoing IM
  • Task
  • Trip

    One of the basic types of activities is a task. Activities can be added not only from the main activity menu but they can be created directly in the calendar or on all contact cards and inside the business opportunities.

Activity management

In the activity list, we can reschedule any activity to another time or end it and note the result. Different types of activities are considered to be complete or finished at different circumstances. You have to mark the task as finished when you come to some conclusion. Time depended activities (such as meeting) are terminated automatically according to the deadline. Completed activities are marked as crossed out.