How to manage contacts in Sprinx CRM

Contact Types

The basic CRM building block is your contacts. Contacts can be interconnected and create more complex relationships depending on the specific situation. Our detailed contact management also offers the ability to add notes to individual items and distinguish verified data from those misleading. With an increasing number of contacts, you can easily find relevant information even from a long time ago and regardless of employee turnover or team changes.

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When creating contacts, you can choose from three basic types: person, company, office, and one special, which is a business card.


Linking and creating links is one of the basic concepts of CRM. This is the moment when a regular contact directory isn’t enough to do the job.

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Business Cards

The business card is a special type of contact that allows you to connect a person with your company and a branch. This allows one person to have more unique business cards depending on which companies and affiliates are linked to. Then it is possible to tie business opportunities to that person with the relevant contact details for the situation.

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