Everything you need to know about adding new features to Sprinx CRM

You have your Free Edition with all the basic features but there is much more you can find to be useful for your specific workflow. You don’t have to upgrade everything at once but you can choose certain Module and turn it on. Navigate to Your CRM Profile.

modules - image

There you can se all available Modules. You can turn them on and off.

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When you turn on a Module you have to specify if it’s intended for all Users, only you or you can choose Users from the list. Pricing depends on the number of your Users.

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If you later decide that you need the Module to be available to other Users, you can change it in Settings (Settings -> Users Administration -> Users).

Tip: when you’re trying a Module for the first time, there’s a trial period and we won’t charge you until the end of the calendar month in which you turned it on so you have time to try it and then turn it off.

Please, pay attention to the following agreement.


After activating the paid modules, we will charge you the agreed amount for newly activated modules only from the first day of the next calendar month. The trial period can only be used once at the first activation.

For the rest of the month you started using the paid module or modules, you are not paying for it and it’s consider to be in trial mode.

Modules charged per user are charged for each single User who has the module enabled in his user profile. An invoice for the Sprinx CRM service will be sent to the email specified in the Invoice settings in your CRM profile.


Existing enabled modules can be deactivated in your CRM profile.

If the module was deactivated during the trial period, the amount for its use will not be included in the billing statement.

Modules deactivated after the trial period are included in the full amount until the current month is invoiced. Thus they will be reimbursed in full in the month in which they were active.