Getting Started

So you're managed to get Sprinx CRM up-and-running. What now?


If you, or another user from your team, want to use the application in different language, it is possible to change it.

Go to Settings.

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Navigate to the section called Languages and choose your preferred language.

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You want to set currencies which are relevant to your business and set the current exchange rates.

  • 1. Scroll to Currencies section and click on the first item ‘Available Currencies‘. There you can switch on all currencies you need.

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Tip: you can see many more available currencies by clicking ‘Other Currencies
  • 2. It’s important to choose your Preferred Currency. This will be the one all other exchange rates will be relative to. It will have a default value of 1.

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  • 3. The last step is to set your Currency Exchange Rates.

For example:

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Adding Users

Add other team members to your Sprinx CRM app. It’s essential to learn how to mange Users and their permissions.

Still in settings, navigate down to Users section.

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There on the left, you can see the list of your Users. For now, it’s just you - so called Tenant Owner with Administrator’s permissions.

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Click on the circular plus button on the right.

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Tip: circular plus button, in any context, always means adding an item

Choose desired Username for your team member which he will use to log in.

Enter any Password and re-enter it to confirm. Please, advice your colleague to change it after the first log in.

Enter his or hers first and last name.

Add his or hers email or emails. At least one email is required.


Now, it’s the time to manage permissions.

  • Tenant Owner is a person with rights to activate and de-activate additional modules (SEE: modules)

  • Administrator is a person allowed to manage application settings and perform other advanced actions.

  • GDPR Managercan manage data anonymization

If you have some additional modules activated, you can manage who can use what by managing the access to modules as shown on the bottom of the following image.

modules - image

Creating Contacts

That’s it. Now, you can go ahead and create your first contact. Let’s add a Company.

Click on Contacts in the main menu on the left.

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Click the plus button and select the first icon from top (“Add Company”).

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Fill in all the required details like Name, Country and assign Account Manager. AM can be you or any other User.

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Tip: You can set your default Country in Settings (Settings - Contacts - Default Country) according to where is the majority of your contacts from. Then you don’t have to search for that country every time you want to add a contact.

On the main card, there are as well fields that are not required: Registration No., Tax No./Vat No.

On the right, you’ll find a card where you can define a specific nature of your Contact. (Default: Decision Maker, Dodger, VIP).

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Tip: You can manage these Contact Categories in Settings - Contacts - Contact Category.

Finally, you can add every possible Contact Detail you can think of like Phone Numbers, Emails, Post Addresses, IMs or Social Networks.

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When you’re done, click Save button.

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You’ve just created your first Contact.