User Roles

What are Users expected to do and what are they going to be responsible for?

There is one specific additional aspect relating to practicalities of CRM implementation into sales process of a company. The aspect is “Users”. At the end of any implementation you must tell individual people what they are expected to do, what the will be responsible and accountable for and what are their objectives measured by their KPIs and so on.

When you are planning your CRM implementation and you have your sales process implementation analyzed and prepared, that will be the point in time to decide who will be doing what.

When you have all the user roles of your CRM identified, you can start to think how the roles will be assigned to individual people.

CRM User role
  • CRM campaign
  • Message approval
  • Segmentation
  • Contact review and approval reporting
  • Marketing manager
  • CRM campaign activities
  • Feedback capture
  • Contact data entry and validation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead conversion
  • Marketer
  • Sales process management
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead routing
  • Opportunity review and sales case opening approval
  • Sales process tracking
  • Quote review and approval
  • Reporting
  • Sales manager
  • Opportunity management
  • Opportunity definition
  • Sales case processing
  • Reporting Activity management
  • Quote preparation and bidding
  • Opportunity close
  • Sales rep
  • Delivery management
  • Order acceptance
  • Delivery planning and exaction
  • Invoice requests
  • Support handover Reporting
  • Project manager
  • Delivery manager
  • Order processing and Invoice
  • Finance officer
  • Relationship cultivation
  • Issues resolution
  • New lead and opportunity identification
  • Customer satisfaction reporting
  • Account manager
  • Support manager

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