Taking Control Over Campaigns

What we will communicate and to whom?

Every campaign starts with preparation and definition. It has two fundamental questions:

What we will communicate?\ To whom we will communicate?\ These questions are rather business questions, but once we have “what” and “to whom” defined, the campaign can be prepared and at that point CRM will help you.\ CRM systems are positioned to become a tool to empower your staff to contribute to the campaign success. For example, CRM system should allow sales people to nominate contacts to individual campaigns, your designer should be able to prepare email templates, marketing manager to trigger email blasts and your call centre operator should be able to record response of targeted people right on the campaign lists. Essentially, system should empower your staff to execute their individual tasks and record the results right into CRM.

So, when it gets to a marketing campaign, CRM system can help you with various tasks, such as:

  • Assembling the list of contacts and contact/target nomination for the campaign
  • Creating segments for targeted and personalized messages
  • Distributing personalized messages via electronic media
  • Campaign tracking on a contact level
  • Capturing campaign feedback and lead processing
  • Evaluating Campaign results

All these marketing campaign phases include tasks that can be efficiently supported by CRM systems.