Taking Care of Your Business Contacts

Manage the most valuable asset at your company.

It is obvious to everybody that in many publications the contact management topic is skipped or just limited to a statement that it is the base and very important. Everybody knows that without contacts you can’t do business. When you start any sales or business, you will find yourself talking to somebody. Why is that? Why is such an important topic given such a little attention?

Let ́s suggest it is a matter of false presumption that admitting importance is same as knowing importance. Knowing that makes you aware that up-to- date-contacts are fundamental condition for the rest of company sales and marketing processes.

Remember: Contact management requires day to day attention and long term focus.

In this chapter we will discuss the role of business contacts in sales and when it comes to implementation of CRM, we will show business contact role for successful CRM implementation.

Let list a few typical situations when you need correct and comprehensive information about your contacts and demonstrate how the need of contact information goes through your entire business:

  • Contact person look up. You have got a tip of a company that needs something you might sell them. You know your company was dealing with the customer some time ago. But who was the contact person two years ago? And what was the result?
  • Referral lookup.
  • Marketing campaigns. Old sales truth says the easiest sales are to whom we have already sold.\ But how would you do that without contact database?
  • Calls and messages. It makes real difference when customer calls to reschedule a meeting and instead of leaving his mobile phone number, his office address and so on he will get answer: “yes sir, I am rescheduling a meeting, will it be held at your office at Kensington avenue?”
  • Helpdesk incidents and support. You already sold to and had conversations with a customer but still don’t have the relevant information available? Let’s see, how would a complaining customer react when you need the information he has already provided.

You could name a dozen more situations when you and your staff need contact information to perform their tasks effectively and they don’t have it.

As described above, contact information is required at many occasions by various people. In order to help people act effectively at every situation, contact management has to provide various data and has to have specific features.