Rules of Good Contact Management

What are general principles your contact management should stick to?

There are few general principles your contact management should stick to.

  • Shared. Means no local copies of contacts, everything must be kept right and only in one contact database. Establish rules to prevent the risk of avoiding one central and shared contact database.
  • Online. Everybody should have an immediate access to it. This is the only way they will be most effective.
  • Accessible. Consider that your people will need access from internet, mobile phones etc.
  • Relevant. Nothing less nothing more – be pragmatic and allow people to define what they need in the database. On other hand, question any suspicion the data would not be used for business on regular base. Add only information that is really needed.
  • Retrievable. Verify you can search contacts according criteria you need to use and the search is fast enough for your process.

  • Permanent. One record for one real entity through all its life. No re -entry of a person or company.

  • Everybody can insert a new contact.

  • Each piece of contact information has its owner for update. Define data owners in your companyresponsibleforkeepingtheirdataup-to-date

These rules are general guidelines you can take them and adjust to your specific environment.