Lead Nurturing

How does CRM support lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is often mentioned as an interaction with a contact, who responded to a campaign.

The main goals are:

  • Capture necessary information about contact
  • Capture and identify contact needs
  • Develop contact interest in the company offering
  • “Negotiate” further communication with the contact\ Lead nurturing is often, but not necessarily always, a part of the campaign. Lead nurturing is performed by telesales, assistants or other first line staff trained for the first contact.

CRM system supports lead nurturing at least by providing:

  • Ability to store template scripts for call operators
  • Interactive questionnaire
  • Reporting over questionnaire and campaign contacts
  • Template emails with attachments ready to be send to contacts
  • Ability to record Notes for further processing
  • Status field for each contact in the campaign

Having CRM will help you to organize and track lead nurturing phases of the campaign and have control over the process. Also, having results recorded will allow for comparison and evaluation of a performance across campaigns that will help to identify best practices and common failures.