Customer Centricity

Customer centricity as a business concept from CRM point of view

Customer centricity is widely recognized as a concept that fits best to most of the companies in today’s market situation.

Customer centricity as a business concept that lays foundation for CRM can be divided into three levels from a generic to a detailed company implementation.

  • Concept – when businesses want to adopt CRM, they need proceed from a conceptual level what objectives need to be achieved by adopting CRM.
  • Methodology – when top objectives have been defined, companies need to identify which of the business processes will be adopting CRM to determine what type of CRM is needed. Also, company will have to look for a CRM implementation methodology that fits its situation the best.\ Basing on company’s business specifics, you should identify the top functional requirements as well as the main user requirements.
  • Software systems and best practices – having top objectives as well as top functional and user requirements and methodology selected, the final step is to select the CRM system and implement it, define the best practices and adapt processes according to selected CRM methodology.

CRM as such is a materialization of the customer centricity business concept.

CRM is a methodology to utilize a specific software tool to maximize effectiveness of marketing and sales activities.