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Our CRM application is built to stay current with recent technologies and trends. Let others see changes at the same time you make some. See what’s going on right away and don’t miss any opportunity to make a right move!


We help to keep your team closer together. Stay in touch. Collaborate. Communicate. You can all have the relevant information within reach.


After many years of experience developing CRM applications we've made a leap from a long period of time of solid evolution to CRM revolution. Stay relevant with the next generation of Sprinx CRM.


Currently available editions

Free Edition

Feel free to sign up and start using Free Edition of Sprinx CRM!

It's fully functional CRM with all the main features.

It's not time limited trial. You can use it for as long as you wish and for unlimited number of users.

It includes features like advanced Contact Management, Activities, Business Opportunities, Calendar and all the fancy stuff for your everyday tasks.

Sign up now and take your business to another level.


Please contact us if you're interested in custom solution and integrations fitting your specific needs.

You can expect all the available modules plus extra functionalities and integrations to your current system and workflow.

Find out more about customizations

Supported browsers: Chrome 59+, Firefox 58+, Safari 11+, IE 11+, iOS Safari 10.2+, Chrome for Android 64+, Samsung Internet 6.2+

* Microsoft Edge is currently not supported

  • Contact management

    Detailed contact management is one of the first steps to keep your data organized and easily managable.

  • Sales reports

    It's all about informations and how to make head or tails out of your data. Reports aren't just for reviewing the situation. They help you see in your bright future. And we're here to help.

  • Activities

    What? When? Where? And why were we even involved in this? Planning your future activities is as confortable as is reviewing the past ones.

  • Business opportunities

    Have an absolute control over all of your leads, prioritize and drive quality leads to closure.

Sprinx CRM is a compact and very user friendly CRM. We believe that the smooth learning curve is a must for dynamic businesses. At the same time, our CRM is full of modern features reflecting current trends and requirements.

Dashboards adaptable to the role

An acquisition sales representative is interested in different information than an account manager. Adapt CRM to your employees!

Map reporting

Instant view of the sales team’s performance thanks to a well-organized map reporting.

Customer categorization for marketing

Organization of customers in similar groups suitable for reaching. Use your CRM simply for targeting your marketing.

Connection with the social media

Easy integration with social media (Facebook, LinekedIn). Download pictures and contacts automatically.

360° view of the customer

Get a comprehensive view of all activities of your customers.

GDPR ready

No applications! Get all information easily in your web browser. One place for data management, one storage location and fewer problems with GDRP.


days of experience with CRM development


percent you can gain in lead conversion rates

"Complex but intuitive."

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The questions even you might want to ask

As your company grows, new situations must be tackled. You need better management of the sales team, share much more information and respond much quicker to the changing market situation. At the same time, you need to get to know our customers much better (their needs and buying patterns) and also thoroughly analyze markets which could be reached. This is the point where you find out that comprehensive managment of your bussines opportunities, contacts and your activities is essential. We'd like to recommend you to take your time and read through our blog articles. As we found out, for some of our client it's beneficial to learn the very basics first. So what exactly is CRM?

We pride ourselves that Sprinx CRM doesn't have a steep learning curve. You can literally start using it today and include it in your everyday workflow. You're welcome to start a short product tour.

Free Edition is absolutely free. It's not a trial version. It's forever yours. You have all the basic funcionalities available. Then it's your decision if you decide to take the next step further and upgrade to one of the paid editions or become interested in a custom solution. You can start using Sprinx CRM here..

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