SprinxCRM Web Connector for Kentico CMS

Integrate your Kentico© CMS, "the all-in-one integrated marketing solution for web content managment, online marketing, ecommerce, communities, and intranets", with your SprinxCRM to optimize lead collection and inquiry management. Utilizing Lead Capture Forms on your Kentico© website allows potential customers to place inquires that are then directly recorded in SprinxCRM.

Capture Leads 
Make contact information instantly available to sales managers to be able to respond to web inquiries much faster and to follow leads when they're still hot.  
React Promptly
With SprinxCRM new leads captured on your website and can be deligated to the right person. 
Save Time
Lead collection and management is certainly a time sensitive process. Expedite the initial stages of your company's sales pipeline by using SprinxCRM integrated with your Kentico © CMS website.

Click here to read an example of an inquiry website integrated with SprinxCRM.
SprinxCRM Web Connector for Kentico© CMS


SprinxCRM Connector for QuickBooks® Online


The latest version of the very popular SprinxCRM add-on brings more functionalities and lets you get a detailed overview of your clients quicker and easier.

Benefits of using the new SprinxCRM Connector for QuickBooks® include:

       Faster synchronization between QuickBooks® Online and SprinxCRM giving you all data real-time
       Quick summary of customer status: Balance, Open invoices, Overdue items and more
       Spotting and addressing deviations in customer purchasing behaviors
       Anticipating areas of greatest customer interest and potential sales growth

SprinxCRM with the new Connector for QuickBooks® helps you to get a better understanding of your customers' needs and ensures that you don't miss any new business opportunities.

Get SprinxCRM with the new connector for QuickBooks® Online right now for a free 30-day trial without functionality limits!


SprinxCRM Connector for QuickBooks® Online


Microsoft Outlook® Sync

Take control of all email correspondence between you, your customers and your sales teams with Microsoft Outlook® Sync!

Microsoft Outlook® Sync is a Microsoft Outlook® add-in used for data synchronization between Microsoft Outlook® and SprinxCRM. 

Automated synchronization of task, calendars and emails, including attachments, not only saves time, but also eliminates mistakes.

Automated synchronization (on startup) of calendars and emails, including attachments, saves time spent archiving or duplicating document storage efforts. 

You can choose between working in the SprinxCRM environment or in Microsoft Outlook®--whichever is more comfortable. 

Integration with Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Excel® means you can easily import and export business data.

SprinxCRMfor Microsoft Office®


SprinxCRM Universal Sync

Keep all your important data synchronized with SprinxCRM Universal Sync!

SprinxCRM Universal Sync is an open server platform for data synchronizations between various business applications. Currently Universal Sync supports the following applications:

  • Google Apps™
  • IMAP email servers

SprinxCRM for Google Apps™



SprinxCRM for Google Apps™ Sync

Keep synchronized your Google Calendar™, Google Contacts™ and Gmail™ emails between SprinxCRM and your Google Apps account.

SprinxCRM Google Apps™ Sync is an essential tool for businesses looking to consolidate key customer communications, align them with CRM data, and present reports in an easy-to-access and actionable format.

SprinxCRM Google Apps™ Sync is a part of our SprinxCRM Universal Sync and is available in our SprinxCRM for Google Apps edition.

With SprinxCRM Google Apps™ Sync, you can:

  • Download emails from Gmail accounts to corresponding contacts in SprinxCRM
  • Connect critical corporate CRM data with personal schedules and timelines
  • Optimize time spent on the selling process
  • Enhance the flow of customer communications within your organization
  • Create an in-depth history of customer communications, meetings and activities, all on one CRM page

SprinxCRM Gmail™ Sync

SprinxCRM Google Calendar™ Sync