Don't Let Your Customer Strategies Fail

by Reháček Michal
 I just read an interesting blog post written by Mark Ratekin, the Sr. Vice President at Walker Consulting Services. In his article Three Reasons Strategies Fail, Mr. Ratekin refers to a business strategist from a Fortune 500 company who listed the three main reasons why corporate strategies fail.

In the blog post, Mr. Ratekin connects those points with same issues that companies face in customer strategies:
  1. You measure the wrong things
  2. You make the wrong decisions
  3. You do not take action

What makes this blog post interesting and important to read is that even though it seems like it would be just too simple to correct the above stated pitfalls, it must be a pretty substantial problem if experts take their time to talk about this and see it's worth while blogging about.
Do these problems sound familiar in your company? Do they sound like problems that can be easily solved? If you have the proper technology, you will be able to build your customer intelligence and address the business issues while reducing operational costs. SprinxCRM solutions provide you a cost-effective set of tools to measure and analyze your data, guide you to make the right decisions and execute the plan. So, in point of fact, with the right tools at your finger tips you can:
  1. Measure the relevant things
  2. Make the right decisions
  3. Take action

…and it will be a lot less likely that your customer strategies fail.

Marketa Gsollhoferova
SprinxCRM Product Manager
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