Where Is CRM Going?

by Lukas Bena
As the title question suggests, today we will speak about the future of the CRM concept. In order to answer the question properly, I'll give you a brief summary of the CRM history in the beginning of this post. It will serve as a basis for our reasoning regarding some of the current CRM trends.

Missed business opportunity – misfortune or negligence?

by Lukas Bena
A very old well-known adage says that time is money. What the author wanted to say? Time is a valuable commodity. If we don't use our working time to earn money, we are in effect of losing money. There is no doubt. Nevertheless, we can go a little bit further in our considerations.

Attract New Customers - When?

by Lukas Bena
This is the last post in our four-part series on the subject of attracting new customers by marketing campaigns. We've been discussing the main questions that lay the foundation for a successful campaign, and so far we have covered the questions "Why?", "Who?" and "With What?"— let's draw to a close with "When?".

Attract New Customers — With What?

by Marketa Gsollhoferova
Little while ago, we started a four-part series about attracting new customers by marketing campaigns. The mini series is an extension to our recent "Expanding Your Business Opportunities" blog post where we discussed the main approaches how businesses can expand their customer base.

A few tips for enterprise solution seekers - part #2

by Marketa Gsollhoferova
Are you looking for a new enterprise solution for your company?
Beware of scams and negligence.

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