Why Integrate CRM With Your Website?

by Lukas Bena
Integrating CRM with your website will let you automate customer data import from your website straight into your CRM. This means that when someone fills out a form on your website — be it online survey, event registration, or contact and feedback form — the data is automatically inserted into the CRM database and you don't have to do any separate data import nor enter the data manually.

CRM - Own or Rent?

by Lukas Bena
The moment your company is prepared to buy a CRM solution, it should decide whether to have CRM as on-premise or as a service. Basic characteristics and advantages of both types of ownership will be summarized in this post.

Does The Size of CRM Matter?

by Lukas Bena
Generally, the problem with customer data is not in generating; the problem is data processing and management. In small companies, customer data is usually collected in various separate spreadsheets. CRM implementation can be a valuable change for such companies because it can convert their scattered and fragmental customer information into an organized system supporting core business tasks.

Handy CRM Solution for a Small Business

by Lukas Bena
SprinxCRM is one of the most practical business solutions that a small business with up to 5 users is able to find on the market. Why? Because it’s designed to provide exactly those features that any small business needs for a fair price.

Is CRM Useful For Each Business?

by Lukas Bena
Up to now, we have been writing about CRM’s positive, advantageous and beneficial aspects for business. However, this “coin” has also its reverse side, the negative one. We cannot ignore the fact that from 30 % to 70 % CRM implementation projects fail. Why? Is it because CRM solutions are not suitable for so many companies?