Sales solution

SprinxCRM helps to streamline your sales process. A set of strong reporting tools lets you compare the performance of individual sellers or teams of sellers, track the effectiveness of individual products, and monitor and document leads from the initial customer contact to final transaction.

  • Gain a complete overview of business transactions at all phases
  • Spot sales leads that are profitable and those that are lagging
  • Forecast customer needs based on past sales trends
  • Identify and report on revenue opportunities for customers
  • Set notifications for important points of interest during a transaction
  • Central management of all sales documents (letters, faxes, offers, emails, etc.) for easy retrieval
  • Share sales and customer insights with sales and marketing teams

Sales Benefits
  • Centralized data storage
  • Multiple accounts management
  • Comprehensive sales forecasting
  • End-to-end sales cycle monitoring
  • Historical customer profiles
  • Instant data access